5 Tips for High Impact Digital Outdoor Advertising

Preparing to work on your first digital outdoor advertising? Digital outdoor billboards is an effective channel for capturing your audience’s attention and driving real-world impact with your marketing campaigns. Billboard advertising gives you maximum exposure for your business. Mitcom Services is an outdoor advertising Specialist, and able to cater to your billboard advertisement needs. Here are 5 tips to maximize the effectiveness of using digital outdoor billboards.

tips outdoor advertising

1. Understand the advantages and challenges of digital.

Digital billboards deliver several advantages over traditional vinyl boards, these include shorter commitment times, greater versatility within your strategy, and the ability to switch them out in less than 24 hours. But they also come with some challenges and nuances. If you’re going digital, you need to know the location and resolution of your boards and how often you intent to change them.

2. Build your Brand

The single biggest mistake organizations make when creating a billboard is including too much information. They misunderstand what a billboard is doing for them, that it’s about creating brand awareness. A marketing department that’s crafting its first billboard campaign should understand the billboard has one main objective—letting people know you exist. To that end, the billboard content should represent a distillation of your brand. The message needs to provide a succinct answer about what your company offers, or at the very least intrigue your audience enough to find out.

Billboards are especially effective when they tie into marketing efforts via other channels, i.e. social media and paid advertising.

3. Make it Simple

tips outdoor advertising

The biggest mistake people make with billboards is jamming too much information onto them: logo, headline, subhead, imagery, URL, hashtag. Think of the most memorable billboards you’ve seen. I’ll bet the one thing they have in common is their simplicity—one dominant image, or maybe a few words against a clean background. When you critique a billboard design, you have unlimited time. In the real world, remember that drivers only have 6-8 seconds. They ignore complicated boards, because their brain says, “There’s no way I’ll retain all this.” Not everyone can be Apple or Nike and get away with showing just a product with their logo. But no matter how much brand recognition you have—and especially if you’re going digital—your boards should stick to 2-4 elements and 8 words max.

4. Consider Video

If the venue where you’re activating accepts video, consider using it! Video-formatted outdoor advertising helps attracts viewers, tell your story and deliver emotion. This also provides marketers with the opportunity to leverage an existing TV spot or trailer, repurposing creative that’s already been developed and tested. However, you don’t want to overdo it – again, simple is better. Subtle animation can elevate your creative by bringing depth and excitement to your messaging. And if you’re going to use video with audio, always include subtitles to ensure the proper message is being captured by your audience.

5. Figure Out Time and Place

Billboards are geographically set. Figure out the habits and locations of your target audience and get the billboards in front of the right people. If you’re running dynamic digital billboards, then you have another variable at your disposal—time. Say you’re promoting a pediatric dentist’s office to moms and dads that are staying at home to raise kids. With digital billboards, you can target certain areas and also run the ads at times such as 10 to noon or two to four in the afternoon, which are peak times to run errands and take kids to after-school activities.

Locally-relevant billboards can provide companies with more impactful results. If you run a billboard in Silicon Valley you could, for example, make an “inside joke” about tech culture in a way that wouldn’t resonate in the heartland. If you’re running a nationwide campaign, then consider running different billboard variations that highlight the local scene.

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