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LED Billboard Advertising vs Traditional Billboards – Which is Better?

Traditional vs Digital billboard

By gaining clarity on the digital billboards vs traditional or static billboards aspect, a business can get a better idea of which marketing method is appropriate and how it is should be choose.

For decades, billboards have impacted the way businesses reach, inform and attract consumers. From static billboards to digital billboards, outdoor advertising allows businesses the opportunity to reach clients in the most efficient and cost effective way.

With the rapid change of technology behind billboard advertising options, potential advertisers have a tough choice ahead of them. Does it make more sense to invest in a prime spot on an LED digital billboard, or rent a traditional static display? Are all the bells and whistles necessary to increase your customer base, or is the basic idea behind a billboard enough for a company to see a return on their investment?

The truth is, both types of billboards have great merits. It depends on the prospective clients of the company, the placement of the board and the budget for advertising. With these factors, a traditional static billboard may prove more effective, or vice versa.

In this post I’ll compare the two options so you can determine which one is right for your business. Let’s look at some of the biggest considerations.

Key Digital Billboards Static Billboards
Reach You will be sharing screen time with multiple other brand advertises. Exclusive. Your ad is the only one up there for a given amount of time.
Appearance They don’t start peeling or look dingy. Looks clear and beautiful especially at night. Traditional billboard ads start to look faded and dirty after months of use unless the posters are replaced often
Changing Messages Capable of changing between multiple messages, allowing advertisers to alternate between different ads. Unchangeable without incurring more cost once the publication hits the printer
Content Able to show motion type of content. Only able to show static printed image.
Scheduling Able to do scheduling & advertise at peak times and for shorter periods of time. Can’t do scheduling.
Cost Digital billboards are generally more expensive than traditional billboards.  Traditional billboards may be cheaper overall; however, they do come with additional installation and printing expenses.

The truth is, both styles of advertisement have valuable merits for a company to consider. Take some time to think what you need your billboard ad to do before signing on any dotted lines. Lastly, strategic advertisement will improve your bottom line no matter which style you wind up selecting!

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