The Advantages of Digital Signage

advantages of digital signage

Digital signage transforms the way you interact with your audience. By enabling you to deliver targeted and dynamic visual messaging, it increases engagement and reduces costs. Digital signage is a network of centrally managed digital displays, programmable to display segmented information, entertainment, merchandising and advertisements.


Thanks to luminous displays with dynamic content.

High Quality

As the hardware has a long service life and optimal screen brightness.


via touch screen, where customers can become active themselves.


Able to insert media such as sound, animation, video or text.


Through precise targeting of information & scheduling the right time

Up to date

via touch screen, where customers can become active themselves.

Extras :

  1. Increases brand recall. 80% of people who view an outdoor digital display remember the message, so it’s an effective format if you’re looking for them to stay with you.
  2. It’s new and daring. Digital signage is a spectacular format that is still perceived as something new, even though it has been used for years. That’s why it’s a fantastic tool for brands looking to stand out from the competition by being cutting edge, being up to date and being daring.
  3. Take advantage of synergies at the point of sale. As marketers well know, not all purchasing decisions are rational and many of them are made at the last minute. That’s why influencing the consumer at the point of sale can be key to getting them to choose your brand. Thanks to dynamic digital advertising at the point of sale, we can reach consumers right at the critical moment of the decision.
  4. Get consumer’s attention. Compared to conventional outdoor advertising, digital signage has the ability to surprise the user and capture their attention. So much so, that people spend up to 60% more time looking at a digital display than a conventional ad.
  5. Improves the user experience at the point of sale. What better way to liven up a line than by interacting with interactive content? Digital signage can create unique experiences and make the user associate positive memories with branding.
  6. It’s interactive. One of the key advantages of digital versus conventional signage is that it allows the user to establish a dialogue with it. This not only increases engagement and recall, but can give us valuable information about how users relate to the brand.
  7. Allows integration with social networks and mobile devices. Digital signage, geolocation, and phone were made for each other. If you encourage users to interact with your digital posters through their phones and post the result on social media, you’ll be taking advantage of a great source of viralization.
  8. The contents can be modified in real-time and adapted to different audiences and situations. Traditional outdoor advertising does not leave much room for modifications, as X spaces are usually contracted for a certain time and the message cannot be changed. On the other hand, with digital signage, the advertiser has the power to modify the contents in real time. For example, you can display screens with constantly updated information, or content that changes depending on the time of day. And of course, this option allows you to react quickly and adapt your message to optimize the contents based on the results.

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